Space Solar

Delivering a revolutionary vision to enable Net Zero and global energy security with Space-Based Solar Power

Our Mission and Vision

To create an era-defining new solar energy source from space.

In 12 years, Space Solar will deliver an affordable, scalable and fully renewable new baseload energy technology.
Space-Based Solar Power will accelerate the transition to Net Zero and provide energy security for partner nations, as global demand grows.
Ultimately, we will help create a safer and more secure world where clean energy is available to everyone, for the benefit of all life on earth.

The Global Challenge

Global electricity demand will double by 2050

Decarbonising our economies to tackle climate change is one of the most pressing problems facing humanity. We urgently need new affordable, continuous, and flexible energy generation technologies if we are to meet global demand whilst delivering Net Zero. Space-Based Solar Power is an answer to one of the world’s biggest challenges.

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Breakthrough in Space-Based Energy

Space Solar Demonstrates World’s First 360° Wireless Power Transmission

“This successful test is a really important milestone on the way to making space-based solar power a reality. Safe, wireless, 360 degree energy transmission is a game changer, and demonstrates the UK’s leading position in this new energy revolution, quite literally harnessing the power of space to benefit life on Earth.”

“The UK Space Agency has been supporting a number of initiatives to get our sector ready to address this market, including the development of in-orbit manufacturing and assembly, large structure deployment, debris mitigation, power beaming from space, and mission system studies.”

Dr Paul Bate, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency

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The Benefits of Space Solar

The Sun and Space can power our future

There is over 100 times more solar energy available in a narrow orbital band around the globe than all the energy needs of humanity in 2050. Find out more…

The Benefits of Space Solar


Space-Based Solar Power will be competitive with wind and ground solar and provides continuous power. It is projected to be one third of the cost of nuclear fission meaning lower energy bills.

The Benefits of Space Solar

Continuous Baseload Power

Delivering power continuously, day and night and through all seasons, when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining, is essential for the stability of the electricity grid.

The Benefits of Space Solar

Flexible Dispatchable Power

With flexibility to vary power on demand, it integrates well alongside other ‘intermittent’ generators such as wind and ground solar. It can be used to produce green hydrogen, or power water desalination plants, alongside grid-scale electricity.

The Benefits of Space Solar


It can scale-up to provide a substantial proportion of regional and global energy needs.

The Benefits of Space Solar


On Earth, the receiving antenna can be located offshore, and the energy beam it receives is just one quarter of the power of the midday sun.

The Benefits of Space Solar

Low Environmental Impact

The ground receiver takes up a small fraction of the area occupied by wind or ground solar. It does not use finite fuel reserves and has no waste by-products. It has a very low carbon footprint, about half that of terrestrial solar.

The Benefits of Space Solar


It can transmit power to other nations, acting as an interconnector but without expensive, vulnerable, and environmentally costly undersea cables.

The Benefits of Space Solar

Energy Security and Sovereignty

It provides security of energy supply, and it is resilient to damage or hostile threat.



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