Bringing Space-Based Solar Power Closer to Market: Space Solar Partners with Transition Labs

Space Solar, a leader in space-based solar power (SBSP), is pleased to announce its partnership with Transition Labs, a key player in climate tech acceleration.

In a move to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy, Space Solar and Transition Labs have joined forces. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the quest for cleaner, more efficient energy solutions.

Transition Labs, a highly selective private initiative, partners with leading high impact climate tech companies from around the world to deploy significant field experiments, pilots, and first-of-a-kind plants in Iceland to unlock global potential. 

Space Solar’s dedication to unleashing the potential of space-based solar energy harmonises seamlessly with Transition Labs’ mission of fostering groundbreaking climate projects. This partnership will empower Space Solar to substantially reduce the risks associated with development and execution. Leveraging Transition Labs’ expertise and reinforcement, coupled with the ongoing advancement of their technology, Space Solar aims to deliver over 100MW of commercial power within the next decade.

Transition Labs will play a crucial role in facilitating early pilots and securing essential off-take agreements, ensuring swift progress in showcasing the capabilities of SBSP technology. Moreover, Transition Labs will leverage its network to secure initial investment for Space Solar’s ambitious initiatives.

Sam Adlen, Co-CEO of Space Solar: “We’re thrilled to partner with Transition Labs to deploy and scale space-based solar power. Their extensive knowledge, access to resources, and expertise in climate tech make them invaluable allies as we endeavor to deliver a transformative global impact. Together we’re forging a path towards a wirelessly powered sustainable future.”

Kjartan Olafsson, CEO of Transition Labs: “Space-based solar power represents an economically viable and incredibly promising solution that can significantly influence our global shift toward clean power generation. Space Solar, with its expert team boasting unparalleled experience in the commercial space and energy sectors, is at the forefront of this industry, holding key patents in the technology. We are thrilled about our partnership with them.”

Space Solar’s initiative not only promises to make a major contribution towards global Net Zero targets but also presents exciting opportunities in wireless power transmission and in-space robotics, furthering its mission to use new economic frontiers in space to enable a bright future on earth.