In-Orbit Podcast: Space-Based Solar Power

SEI members Martin Soltau and Ali Stickings, from Frazer-Nash Consultancy, and David Homfray, from the Satellite Applications Catapult are guests on the Catapult’s In-Orbit Podcast, exploring Space-Based Solar Power.

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Since the birth of space exploration, we have been transfixed with not only the spectacle of space travel, but the opportunities that this new vantage point provides for technological advancement.

Today, by combining the advances in launch capabilities and in-orbit manufacturing, we are now in a position to develop the infrastructure for a space-based solar power system, capable of providing clean energy for planet earth. The idea is an old one – dreamed up by some of the great writers of science fiction – but it’s the recent advances in our capabilities that are helping to make this possible for our future.

With the UK committed to fully decarbonise by 2050, a major consideration is the delivery of energy through clean generation from renewable sources. But the energy we generate must remain affordable, reliable, and secure for our economy to continue to prosper. This is where Space Based Solar Power stands out from the alternatives.