Our Vision

Clean affordable energy from space

Clean, dependable, affordable energy is central to the quality of life for all people, and for us to build a more secure, sustainable world.

Our Vision

Space-Based Solar Power is the ultimate form of clean dependable energy

Constant, clean solar power from space is unaffected by the weather, seasons, or time of day. Independent Government-led studies confirm that Space-Based Solar Power is now technically viable and economically competitive with other renewables.
Space Solar is developing Space-Based Solar Power to help the UK and partner nations transition sustainably to Net Zero with energy security.

Delivering Net Zero and Energy Security

Decarbonising our economies and achieving Net Zero is an urgent imperative for all nations. Yet this is an exceptionally challenging goal with our current technologies. Intermittent wind and terrestrial solar require backup energy sources when it is not windy or sunny, and they compete for land resources.

Energy security is about all people having access to dependable and affordable energy, which is resilient to natural and human influences such as natural disasters, extreme weather, geo-political differences and conflict. We need a mix of reliable and energy technologies which work together as part of a system.

Space-Based Solar Power offers unique benefits. It provides baseload constant power 24/7 throughout the year, essential for the electricity grid. It is dispatchable, modulating the output and integrating well with intermittent wind and terrestrial solar. It has low environmental impact, in land usage, carbon footprint and mineral resources.

The technology is highly flexible and can export energy to other co-operating nations without expensive fixed infrastructure such as underwater power cables. It can be switched rapidly to power green Hydrogen generation or water desalination plants, as well as providing electricity into the grid.

Creating a brand new energy technology requires strong international collaboration

Successful development of Space Based Solar Power requires international collaboration to build enduring political and societal support. Legislation, technology development and finance are key areas for co-operation.

International standards and regulation are needed to establish a sustainable and responsible framework to build and operate these systems securely and safely.

We welcome discussions with international partners who share our vision.

Our unique approach delivers commercial power from space within nine years

Space Solar has developed a highly investable roadmap, developing and delivering GW scale power within twelve years.

We have exclusive rights in the IECL CASSIOPeiA SOLAR POWER SATELLITE, delivering market leading performance and Levelised Cost of Electricity.

Our Technology

Our technology, delivering an investable roadmap to Space-Based Solar Power

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