Space Energy Initiative Launch

We’re proud to celebrate the official launch of the Space Energy Initiative. Mark Garnier MP, Chair of the Space Energy Initiative Advisory Board, extended personal invitations to join him and the rest of the Advisory Board for a reception to celebrate the launch of the Space Energy Initiative. The event took place on Thursday 10 March 2022, in the Churchill Room, House of Commons, Westminster.

The Space Energy Initiative has an ambitious vision for the UK, together with partners, to lead the development of Space Based Solar Power. This highly capable, clean energy technology will help the UK to deliver Net Zero and provide a long term sustainable, secure and affordable source of energy for the nation and the world.

Space Based Solar Power will harness the sun’s abundant energy in space, beaming it safely to Earth to provide a source of continuous clean energy, day and night, through all seasons and weather. Development of the technology will generate very substantial economic and societal benefits, positioning the UK as a leader in truly sustainable energy solutions. This programme will require collaboration across sectors, between government and industry, and across nations. By working together, we will achieve an even greater impact by harnessing our knowledge, technologies, and skills, to protect our planet and our communities.

A drinks reception was preceded by talks from senior Government, United Nations, and Industry leaders.

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