Space Solar Announces Key Appointments to Advisory Board, Reinforcing Commitment to Delivering Net Zero and Energy Security

Space Solar, a pioneering company dedicated to advancing Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) solutions, is proud to announce the addition of three key experts to its advisory board. These appointments signify Space Solar’s commitment to advancing clean, dependable energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Joining the advisory board are:

  • Prof. Naoki Shinohara – Wireless Power Transmission Expert
  • Prof. Mini Rai – Professor of Space Robotics
  • Martin Clark EUR ING – Energy Systems Expert

Delivering Net Zero and ensuring energy security are urgent imperatives for all nations. However, achieving these goals with current technologies poses significant challenges. Intermittent wind and terrestrial solar energy sources require backup energy sources during periods of low generation and compete for valuable land resources.

Prof. Naoki Shinohara brings unparalleled expertise in wireless power transmission, making significant contributions to the field through his extensive research and leadership roles in various international organisations. Prof. Shinohara’s dedication to advancing sustainable energy aligns perfectly with Space Solar’s mission to harness the potential of Space-Based Solar Power.

I believe Space-Based Solar Power holds immense promise for sustainable energy and space exploration,” said Dr. Shinohara. “Space Solar is at the forefront of developing this transformative technology, and I am honoured to lend my expertise to their efforts.”

Professor Mini Rai, a distinguished figure in space engineering and robotics, shares a deep passion for leveraging innovative technologies to address global challenges. With her expertise in space missions and robotics, Professor Rai will play a pivotal role in guiding Space Solar’s strategic initiatives.

“Space-Based Solar Power offers a compelling solution to our energy needs while mitigating the environmental impacts of traditional energy sources,” remarked Professor Rai. “I am thrilled to join Space Solar’s advisory board and contribute to the realisation of this groundbreaking technology.”

Martin Clark, an energy systems expert with decades of experience in the global power Industry and renewable energy markets, brings invaluable insights into energy systems’ design and implementation. His visionary leadership in fostering regulatory frameworks for renewable energy aligns with Space Solar’s mission to drive global adoption of SBSP solutions.

“Space Solar represents a paradigm shift in the energy landscape, offering a reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional power sources,” said Martin Clark. “I am excited to support Space Solar’s mission and help accelerate the transition to clean energy worldwide.”

Space Solar’s Co-CEO, Martin Soltau expressed his excitement in the appointment of the advisory board members: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Prof. Shinohara, Prof. Rai, and Martin Clark to our advisory board. They bring authoritative and independent expertise in the key disciplines at the heart of Space-Based Solar Power. This further strengthens our capability as we advance Space-Based Solar Power technology and contribute to a sustainable, resilient energy future.”

This announcement comes as Space Solar has taken another major step forward with its CASSIOPeiA Solar Power Satellite concept after a comprehensive engineering design and analysis study, conducted in partnership with Frazer-Nash Consultancy, has validated Space Solar’s SBSP technology. With this validation and the collective expertise of these esteemed professionals, Space Solar is forging ahead with its mission to drive innovation and revolutionise the global energy sector.