Space Solar Announces Partnership with Frazer-Nash Consultancy to Fast-Track the First Space-Based Solar Power System

Space Solar is delighted to announce today its partnership with leading systems, engineering and technology company Frazer-Nash Consultancy (”Frazer-Nash”). Frazer-Nash provides a wide range of professional services to companies across the space, energy, defence and related sectors.

Frazer-Nash has long-standing expertise in Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP), and authored the original report for the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on the technology’s feasibility. The company has been instrumental in helping to grow UK Government support for SBSP.

The partnership helps to accelerate the delivery of Space Solar’s first SBSP system by bringing Frazer-Nash’s expertise in large engineering projects in the space and energy domains to Space Solar’s programme. Frazer-Nash is providing expertise across a range of disciplines but particularly in concept design and engineering analysis, helping to bring the industry leading CASSIOPeiA concept to reality. Frazer-Nash is also providing project-management and operational services as part of a long-term commitment to the development of SBSP technology with Space Solar Group.

This announcement builds on the news of Space Solar’s partnership with the Satellite Applications Catapult, and demonstrates Space Solar’s ability to leverage the best external capabilities of industry-leading organisations as it focuses on delivering on the enormous potential of SBSP.

Sam Adlen, Co-CEO of Space Solar said:

“Frazer-Nash has been an enormous supporter of Space Solar from the very beginning, and today’s announcement demonstrates their ongoing commitment to the company and their strong belief in the power of this technology to deliver a major contribution to the future energy needs of Earth. Frazer-Nash’s expertise will be invaluable as we move to build our initial products and deliver our programme for the years ahead.”

James Cornish, Business Manager from Frazer-Nash said:

“Frazer-Nash Consultancy is delighted to partner with Space Solar to work on an important new energy technology that is needed to achieve Net Zero. Space Solar’s concept promises highly desirable characteristics such as a levelized cost of electricity that is very competitive compared to other baseload energy systems. Innovative technologies like this are essential if we are to replace power from fossil fuels, electrify our economy and establish the UK as a science and technology superpower.  

“We are looking forward to an important and long-running collaboration to realise this technology as fast as possible, making a meaningful contribution to achieving Net Zero.”