Frequently Asked Questions

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What about RF pollution especially for Wi-Fi at 2.45 GHz?

Will these massive satellites cause light pollution for astronomers?

Will the radio frequency beam heat the atmosphere?

Will it heat up the world?

Would the microwaves be harmful to wildlife and small birds?

Space launch releases so much carbon into the atmosphere. Will space-based solar power only make matters worse?

Can it be used as a death ray / beam weapon?

What if the microwave beam strayed over a populated area?

Could the microwave be hazardous / disruptive to aircraft or spacecraft?

Can it cause ‘Havana syndrome’ – adverse medical symptoms?

Why hasn’t this been done before?

What’s the point of Space-Based Solar Power when terrestrial solar and wind is so cheap?

The economics depend on SpaceX launch – that’s not a resilient solution

Isn’t it vulnerable to attack by an adversary?

What about space debris?

How does the SPS survive transit through the Van Allen belts?

Could the radio frequency energy beam be disrupted by ionospheric scintillation?

Where would the receiving stations be located?

How can safety be guaranteed? What are the risks?

Aren’t the costs prohibitive?

Don’t all the conversion efficiencies and losses mean that space-based solar power is totally impractical?

What is the potential of space-based solar power? How much of the world’s energy could it in theory supply?

What are the main barriers?

How would maintenance be carried out?

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