Sifted: The Spacetech x Climate Tech Collabs That Could Save the Planet

From carbon mapping to shooting dust into space from the Moon, how will space tech help us solve the climate crisis?

Space exploration is no longer the stuff of science fiction. As going to space becomes a feasible goal (if you have a bit of money lying around) and with the cost of building rockets falling, researchers, companies and governments are looking to space not just to explore the stars, but to solve the Earth’s climate emergency.

Overall funding for space tech dipped in 2023, with global investment being more than 40% lower in H1 than in the same six months last year, but a number of startups are building at the juncture of climate and space.

There’s also significant money pouring into the sector: the UK recently announced £65m and the European Investment Fund (EIF) announced a €60m ticket into a VC firm led by a former SpaceX exec in May.

This piece includes an interview with our Co-CEO, Sam Adlen, exploring the key benefits of Space-Based Solar Power.

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